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With Ad Bux Club, we offer a variety of ad's that our members can view to earn. Whether it's a "Paid to Click", "Paid to Read", "Paid to Take Survey's" or some other advertisement, we can guarantee 1 thing, you will earn simply by viewing it ! (Or performing the task, depending on the ad type).


Paid to Click Ads

There are currently 21 ad(s) that you can earn from simply by clicking on the link and viewing the advertisement for the specified amount of time (10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, depending on the ad).


Paid to Read Ads

There are currently 0 ad(s) that you can earn from simply by reading the advertisement and viewing the website for the ad that you have read.


Paid to Sign Up

Get paid to join our advertiser's websites! Our advertisers want to pay you to join their online programs. Whether it's a free or paid membership depends on the advertisers, but one thing remains the same, we will pay you the amount shown next to the link under "You Earn"... Simply sign up to the website listed, paste your "Username / Email" address you used and the welcome letter (for approval, you can remove the sensitive information) and your sign up credit will be added to your account as soon as it has been verified!

You earn: $0.200000
You earn: $0.200000
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You earn: $0.200000


Paid to Take Survey's

There are currently0 ad(s) that you can earn from simply by reading the advertisement and viewing the website for the ad that you have read.

Paid to Read E-Mail

We will occasionally send an email to you. In that e-mail will be a link that you can click and get paid to view! Check your e-mail address often for these! If you do not wish to receive Paid Emails then simply go to your Profile and turn off this option.


Member Benefits
Low Payout Minimum
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Get Paid To Read Email

Advertiser Benefits
Fair Prices
Reliable Service
Bulk Purchase Discounts
Super High Clickthru Rate
Real Time Statistics

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