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2018-05-06 - Today We Launch Support Center Online.
If you need any field support go to link "Support" in link bar.

Now All Our Users Get Support Online from Support Center.
Technical Support
Advertiser Support
Investors Support
Payments Support
Identity Verification

Our Support Team operates:
Days - from Sundays to Fridays.
Hours- 9:00 to 20:00, UTC + 3

We Always Working for Grow Our Club For You!

2018-05-01 - Today it's PayDay...
Dear Members!
Today PayDay...

2018-04-30 - Upgrade works completed successfully!
Hello Our Dear Members!
Last weekend we upgraded the site.
1. We changed the design of the site for your convenience, now our site is flexible and beautiful.

2. We improved and upgraded the systems, removed bugs and glitches in our system.

3. We added a telegream channel to support, and created a bot to help you and support your work with us.

4. We have added and upgraded the site security, cleaned the system from inactive users or tried to cheat.

In addition, we have lowered prices for advertising on our site!

Get Now $100 bonus to advertising on the site.

Admin and Team

2018-04-27 - We Start Upgraded Our Site to Version 2
Today on 27/04/2018 at 00:00 UTC + 3 PM We are starting to upgraded to new version of the site.

We ask forgiveness in advance for glitches and bugs in the site.

Upgrading and switching to a new version will take place all weekend and our technical team will handle all the bugs and bring stability to the pleasant work of the new version of our site.

Sandra Aseava
Manager Technical Team!

2018-04-25 - We Cleaning up cheate members in our Club.
We clean up all time our club from members who commit fraud.

Any member of the site who is caught by the system or by the team of the site tries to deceive us in any way, its user will be deleted immediately and all accumulated profits will be deleted.

There will be no way to recover your earnings or data.

Our Cheater Control system operates 24/7 and automatically monitors suspicious activity.

Do not try to cheat us please,
The loss will be only the end of fraudsters.

We wish all our members in the club success and tremendous economic prosperity over many years.

The Admin & Team

2018-04-15 - Today Pay Day
Hello Dear Members!

Today Paid Day.
If you send out your profit, you need proof your identity
to email [email protected]

Members who do not verify their identity will not be able to receive their money.

Accounting Manager,

2018-04-03 - You've noticed the site changes!
Hello Dear Visitors and Members!

We upgrade our site always, it because we want give you access to increase your income as our club a successful people!

Our team now is working hard on a new design of the site, and we will innovate in an innovative, flexible and accessible design for all.

If You want Increase your earnings, referr other people to Join to Our Club. After you login to site, your Promotion tools you get in the page "Promotional Tools"

Start Promote and increase your profit!

Admin & Team

2018-04-01 - Today Pay Day
Hello Dear Members!

Today Paid Day.
Please, after receiving the payment, please send proof of payment here :


2018-04-01 - New Payment Gateway
Hello Dear Members and Advertisers!

Today our team add new payment gateway Skrill.
Now you can ad funds and withdraw from your Skrill wallet.

Development Team

2018-03-23 - Cases of cheating.
Dear Site Members!

Our system identifies users who register under themselves as an additional user, the system and site administrators track activity to reduce the cases of fraud.

We reserve the right to block the user, which means that all the money you earned in the fraudulent account will be deleted.

Please note: You signed an agreement when you signed up for our site to observe the site rules.

2018-03-22 - New in the support to members!
Hello Dear Members!
Now You can contact to support team from facebook messenger direct from site, bellow left we build button facebook messenger.

Write Us if you need help!

Our Team Support You in Love.
Best Regards,
Ad Bux Club

2018-03-22 - Payment rulles to Withdraw.
Hello Dear Members!

Payments Rulles to our free and V.I.P members.
Before all, all members on the site must perform a number of actions, You will have to prove your true identity.

Please follow the instructions.
1. Please fill out your profile on the site Adbux Club.

2. Send the photo of a document proving your identity.
You need to have taken shot from camera when you hold hands in your ID card, and see your face clearly.
Documents for proving your identity can be:
Passport, ID of your country, or driver's license.
Please send the clear picture to our e-mail address
[email protected]

3. Because the site is, in beta verssion and we do not yet have a regular advertiser stream.
We will make the payment two (2) times a month, on dates 1 and 15 each month.
You can request to withdraw the money on any date, and on such dates the money will be delivered directly to your PayPal wallet.

4. Your PayPal account must be a verified account.
Unverified PayPal accounts can not be paid.

Best Regards
Admin AdBux Club

2018-01-01 - We've launched our new system!
Welcome to what we like to call "The most innovative internet marketing system"!

We have a lot of work to do, but we have some incredible new things in store for you! Check back often at the "View Ad's" section for new ways

to earn and new advertisements that you can earn from.

Thanks for visiting, and we will be in touch soon :)

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