Terms of Service


In no way shape or form do we tolerate spamming of our members, or the use of spam to promote our program. We take this matter very seriously and will take any action we deem neccessary to ensure your information is not used in such a manner. Aswell, by signing up to our program you agree that you will not spam in order to receive referrals and or benifits.

Over 1 Account

We have a script 1 Account Per IP policy, we monitor our servers constantly, if we find more then 1 account per ip address both will be removed with or without notice and all earnings will be lost.

Representing our company

As an affiliate of our website, you may not represent yourself as an employee or any other staff member of our website. You are required to use our advertising in a manner that will not mistake you as a staff representative of our company.


We offer a very generous start up account balance, this is to help our customers feel secure in our services, if we find users are using our services over and over to generate funds with this start up, we have the right to delete said users, and remove the start up balance at any time with or without notice. We take cheating very seriously, and we monitor our servers daily.

Advertising Terms

Your website must not contain racist, pornographic, illegal, discriminating, vulgar, or other adult materials of any kind.
Your website must not contain or promote any viruses
Your website must not contain any frame breakers.
Your website must not conatin ANY message boxes such as download dialogs, confirmation alerts or software installations.
Your website's single popup/popunder must not open any new windows.
Your website's single popup/popunder must not break any of the above terms and conditions.

Payment rulles to Withdraw

Payments Rulles to our free and V.I.P members.
Before all, all members on the site must perform a number of actions, You will have to prove your true identity.
Please follow the instructions.
1. Please fill out your profile on the site Adbux Club.
2. Send the photo of a document proving your identity. You need to have taken shot from camera when you hold hands in your ID card, and see your face clearly.
Documents for proving your identity can be:
Passport, ID of your country, or driver's license.
Please send the clear picture to our e-mail address [email protected]
3. Because the site is, in beta verssion and we do not yet have a regular advertiser stream.
We will make the payment two (2) times a month, on dates 1 and 15 each month.
You can request to withdraw the money on any date, and on such dates the money will be delivered directly to your PayPal wallet.
4. Your PayPal account must be a verified account.
Unverified PayPal accounts can not be paid.

Change of Terms

We Reserve the right to change our Terms of service at any point in time with or without notice to our users, although we will try to notify our users of every change we make, we are not obligated in any form to provide this information. It is your responsibility to keep yourself familiar with our Terms of Service.

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